Dry milling, chips do not get removed while milling

Batarang in Aluminium

The very first metal piece I cut when I got my Workbee CNC mill was a Batarang replica from the Dark Knight … including a […] Read More

I Can’t Adult

My first try at wood carving, this is 4mm plywood. I first covered it in gloss black then started carving with a 3mm, 2 flute […] Read More

The Wizards Tower

The Wizards Tower is based on a model I found on MyMiniFactory called “The Lookout Tower“. It is split up in three parts which stack […] Read More

My Mythical Can Holder

Just a fun thing to make, the original design is the “Large Can Holder” on Thingivers and the name does not do it justice. It […] Read More

Thee Wise Skulls

No See, No Hear, No Talk, the Three Wise Skulls. Normally I am not one for Skulls and Bones but I like the model, so […] Read More

Ghost Busters Mooglie

The Logo of the Ghost Buster printed in PLA on a Hypercube variant with 0.2 layer height. Sanding took quite a while, finished with matt […] Read More