Thee Wise Skulls

No See, No Hear, No Talk, the Three Wise Skulls. Normally I am not one for Skulls and Bones but I like the model, so here we go.

The original model is from Thingiverse I printed in some no name cheap PETG with a default profile which explains the stringing and me not being in the mood for a lot of clean up.

The Skulls were primed with Citadel Wraithbone and finished with Citadel Skeleton Horde. The base is done in Vallejo mid gray and Flat Earth and a quick dry brush in Vallejo Ivory.

The base base, was primed in Vallejo gloss black primer, then Vallejo Burned Iron as a base color and finished with a quick wash using no name black oil paint.

The tuft is from Army Painter.