Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire Delta

A mod of the Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire Delta. I added a “silencer” printed in PETG that replaces the normal barrel tip. I used a barrel extension on Thingiverse as a base, made the barrel fatter and added a mount option for a cheap laser pointer. I followed with a matt black paint job for the gun and a gloss black for the silencer. For the grip I actually used some black rubber spray in a rattle can but if you do not know you would not see or feel the difference, save the money. The trigger was painted in some fire red.

To finish up the mod, the spring was replaces with a 7kg after market spring and the air restrictor was modified. I also added a steel washer and some Milliput to the back plate of the spring, just to be on the save side. This thing carried some punch and ripped of the rubber tip of the first few darts I fired, it should definitely not be used in a competitive way.

All in all not a master full conversion but it is a nice looking piece you can use to show off in the office while still delivering a better performance then the stock version.