Batarang in Aluminium

The finished Batarang

The very first metal piece I cut when I got my Workbee CNC mill was a Batarang replica from the Dark Knight … including a few cuts in places where do not belong, it was a learning experience. I keep this Batarang in office at work mostly as a conversation starter.

A few days ago one of my colleagues, who is a big Batman fan, asked me if I could make him one as well. My chance to check if I learned anything about milling Aluminum over the last few month.

Dry milling, chips do not get removed while milling
Workbee cutting a Batarang

The design is a DXF file I found on , the stock is a 2,5mm thick piece of some unknown Aluminum alloy I found in my fathers workshop.

The material was not very flat, I tried to my best to flatten is out but in the end I decided to fix it to wasterboard using double sided sticky tape and a layer of XPS foam in between to compensate for the bends. By the way I am not using any kind of cooling which is the reason for the low feed rate, anything faster will start melting in alloy and gum up the bit.

Cutting Data
End Mill2mm, 1 flute, coated by Firstattec
Depth of Cut0,4mm
Feed Rate760mm/min
Plunge Rate250mm/min